Medium Shrubs & Vines

Common Name Species Local, Regional,  Western, Midwestern  Native, or Introduced Size Flower color Flower time Fruit Evergreen Xeric Comment
Desert Sweet, Fernbush Chamaebatiaria millefolium W 4 - 6 ft. white Summer semi-evergreen very Fragrant foliage, very pretty spikes of white flowers.  Native to Idaho & Oregon southward, in lava fields.
Red-osier Dogwood Cornus sericea L 6 - 10 ft. white spring yes no no Year-round interest: fall and winter color.  Fruits for the birds. Spring flowers.
Apache Plume Fallugia paradoxa W 4 - 6 ft. white Summer yes semi-evergreen very Blooms & fruits all summer into fall.  Hardy - native to Idaho & Oregon southward.  Light winter pruning to remove old seed heads gives better appearance.
Crimsoneyed Rosemallow  Hibiscus moscheutos Eastern 6' Rose pink Summer no no not at all This beautiful, large flowered hibiscus is an herbaceous perennial that dies back to the ground in the fall. Native to the entire east coast and the southern midwest.  Hardy and worth growing in a sunny, sheltered, well-watered spot.
Oceanspray Holodiscus discolor L 6 - 8 ft. White spring no yes Great spring flowers, fall color.  Will go dormant if too dry.
Ninebark Physocarpus malvaceus L 4 - 6 ft. White spring no yes Great spring flowers, fall color.  Will go dormant if too dry.
Threeleaf sumac Rhus trilobata W, M 5-6 ft. inconspicuous early spring yes no yes Outstanding fall color.  Honeybee plant in spring.  Deer proof.  Berries for birds.  Good specimen, screen or hedge shrub.  Sun to part shade.
Golden Currant Ribes aureum L 6 - 8 ft. yellow, fragrant spring yes no moderately Tall shrub with three season interest:  yellow flowers in spring, tasty orange fruit in summer, good fall colors.  Attracts birds and bees.
Red flowering currant Ribes sanguineum R, W 6 ft. pink spring yes no moderately This Pacific Northwest native is covered with pink flowers in the spring.  Fall foliage is amazing with shades of red, purple, yellow and orange.    Moderate water use: tolerates some drought.  Full sun - partial shade. Zone 5.
Snowberry Symphoricarpos albus L About 4 ft. white to pale pink spring yes very Drought tolerant, white berries for birds.
Western white clematis Clematis ligusticifolia L, R, W, M Up to 20' long. white Summer yes no very This rampant vine can cover a chain link fence, and provide privacy in just a couple of years.  Clusters of dainty white flowers are followed by showy puffs of fringed seeds.